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March 6, 2013
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:Updated: Curlcall TBT by PenguinEatsCarrots :Updated: Curlcall TBT by PenguinEatsCarrots
For :iconthe-blue-tides:

wow Curlcall you really need to meet more cats like seriously.. antisocial much

Curlpaw's r-rp tracker by PenguinEatsCarrots Heres his RP tracker with plots n all~!

Name: Curlkit Curlpaw Curlcall
Age: 22 moons
Gender: male
Breed: Black and white Long haired cat mix
Clan: Skyclan
Rank: Warrior/ Prophet
Belief in Starclan: :bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletwhite::bulletwhite:

Appearence: He is a tall lithe black and white tom. His mouth and chest are a light, almost white, gray color. His right eye is a light baby yellow color, while his left is a dull blue.
He has a pink nose and the inside of his ears are gray. His is quite tall for his young age, but is also considerably frail, or lithe in other words. His fur is long with many cowlicks covering his body.


:bulletblue: |Calm| He is a calm (at times) and gentle cat, always looking out for everyone's better interests. This sometimes makes him a little quiet at times.

:bulletred: |Skittish| He can be very skittish making him afraid to battle. He will go into battle if its to help his clan but he prefers not too. Because of this fact he is very weak but lucky for him he makes up his weakness with his incredible speed and agility.

:bulletblue: |thinker| He likes to think things through before he runs into battle or does something he is unsure about. This makes him better at thinking of strategies and such.

:bulletred: |shy| Him being skittish also made him very shy. Sometimes when confronted randomly he'll start to stutter ans shuffle about.

:bulletblue: |Caring and softhearted and empathetic| Curlpaw is a very sweet and caring cat. He never wants to see any one of his clanmates hurt or sad or anything and will always try to cheer them up. Curlpaw's empathetic side really shows when he sees or meets a cat whose injured no matter what clan.

:bulletred: |anxious| Behind Curlpaw's calm personality lies a rather anxious cat. He probally aquired this because of his family, He was afraid that he'd be the next one to go. (see backstroy for reasons why)

Orientation: Straight

Brief Backstory:

~Will update at some point~

Curlpaw has a very uneventful backstory. He was born and raised a pure Skyclan cat. His mother and father though died at an early age, soon after he was born in fact. His father died while trying to catch a squirrel in a tree, the branch broke from under him and he fell breaking his back on the fall. His mother on the other hand was very weak after Curlpaw was born and caught a sickness and died because she was to weak to fight it off. Curlpaw was taken care of by the other queens at the time. He wasn't to sad about his parents, being the fact that he was to young to remember them properly.

Mother: Tinycloud |Deceased|

Father: Clawtail |Deceased|


:bulletyellow: = Unsure
:bulletyellow::bulletyellow: = Acquaintance
:bulletgreen: = Friend
:bulletblue: = Close Friend
:bulletblue::bulletblue: = Best Friend
:bulletpink: = Attraction
:bulletpink::bulletpink: = Crush
:bulletred: = Lust
:bulletred::bulletred: = Love
:heart: = Mate
:bulletwhite: = Discomfort
:bulletwhite::bulletwhite: = Fear
:bulletblack: = Dislikes
:bulletblack::bulletblack: = Hate


Lotuspaw |:bulletpink::bulletpink:|:bulletblue:| "L-Lotuspaw? Oh shes super nice and sweet! She was one of my first friends! I really feel bad for her though cause cats are always bullying her, though i can relate because of my stutter.. She has a really pretty smile and she really likes butterflies. She really does know how to make me smile!"

|:bulletred::bulletred:|:bulletblue::bulletblue:| "O-oh gosh.. Lotuspaw- er Lotus now I believe.. she left Skyclan and I-I didn't know what to think or do.. I saw her again though! And I don't know but something warm fluttered in my cheast when I saw her. I thought I'd never see her again but reuniting with her again was just so- s-so wonderful! She wants to stay a loner though.. I really wish the cats would treat her right, she deserves it. I-I think I might.. love her.. I'm afraid to tell her though,"

Vistagaze |:bulletyellow::bulletyellow:|:bulletwhite::bulletwhite:| "I u-uh reall shouldn't be a-afraid of our deputy but she just.. she scares me! Shes always telling m-me to stop stutering.. I-I-I can't h-help it! Though I know she says it to help me.. I guess she means good. Though I always end up being the mediator for her and Thornblade."

Thornblade |:bulletyellow::bulletyellow:| "Shes not quite as scary as Vistagaze can be but whenever I'm apart of a patrol with he shes always working me to the bone or presuring me or telling me not to stutter.. Its kind of hard not to stutter when I'm always on a patrol with her and Vistagaze! She-cats!"

Fallenpaw |:bulletgreen:| "Hes really cool! When hes not trying to make me climb t-trees! He was also one of my first friends, I just hope we can stay friends!"

Honeypelt |:bulletgreen:| "She saved my life! I was really scared when that fox attacked us! I met her when she was a Thunderclan cat but now shes a Skyclan cat! That made me really happy. Shes really nice and was trying to help me get over my fear of trees."

Glasspaw |:bulletyellow::bulletyellow:| "She seems very secretive.. I know she doesn't mean to be but I'm afraid it may end up hurting her in the end."

Cloverstar |:bulletgreen:| "Since my previous mentor passed away Cloverstar has become my mentor.. Shes really strict! Though I'm kind of glad for her strictness.. 'cause if it weren't for it i would have never gotten over my fear of trees! I won't disappoint you Cloverstar! I'll be the best Skyclan warrior there is!"

|:bulletblue:| "My best mentor I had, if it weren't for her I never would have, slightly, gotten over my fear of trees. Shre really made me into the warrior I am now.. even if I'm still a fresh warrior. I still hope that I can learn more from her."


Heatherpaw |:bulletyellow::bulletyellow:|:bulletgreen:| "She was very nice! Quite cheerful, first Thunderclanner I've met. We shared a mouse(?) together. She was quite a good hunter too, kinda emberased myself for missing that rabbit haha,"






Swiftfoot |:bulletwhite::bulletwhite:|:bulletblack:| "This tom scares me! Are all Windclan cats this vicious?! That rabbit was rightfully mine! Though I wonder what would have happened if I had kept the rabbit... I'd rather not think of that.."


Kore |:bulletblack::bulletblack:|:bulletwhite::bulletwhite:|:bulletyellow:| "I-I... I really don't know what to think about this cat... He's the one who gave me my neck scars. He is rather frightening. One moment he says hes amused by me the next he has his claws at my throat! He says he kills cats for 'fun'.. I just don't like that! Hes just so confusing..."

Extra / Fun facts!
:bulletblack: Curlpaw is deathly afraid of trees. He can go near them but the thought of climbing them will make him freak out and stutter.
:bulletblack: Curlpaw has a stutter and can't control it if he is startled or confronted out of the blue.
:bulletblack: Curlpaw does small breathing exercises when he needs to calm down. You'll sometimes find him doing this in the middle of daily things, he'll even do this during conversations if he has to to stop himself from stuttering.
:bulletblack: Curlpaw, due to a fight with Kore, now has 3 scars on his neck. This is quite signifigant because whenever he looks at them or feels them he just thinks of how cowardly he acted in the heat of battle.

Voice actor: Jay Baruchel - Hiccup from How to train your Dragon

Scent: He has a kind of morning-dew-on-grass sort of smell, rainy scent

+Soft things
+Open fields / grassy areas

-Being caught unaware
-Being in between an argument
-Loud things

Roleplay Sample:

From OfStarsAndClans
Lynxpaw laid lazily on her mossy bed in the medicine cat's den. She was both nervous, excited and impatient; Her and her brother Jetpaw were going to be made warriors tonight! She squirmed excitedly. She had to wait a half a moon before becoming a warrior because of her incident and Jetpaw refused to be made a warrior without her. During her final assessment she was attacked by a lone wolf, luckily for her her mentor was near by at the time so they were able to fight it off together, Lynxpaw suffering the worse of the injuries. She had lost her tail. She stayed lost in her thoughts until she heard pawsteps at the entrance of the den. She looked up to meet her mother, Spottedshadow's, icy blue gaze. "Hi mother!" She mewled happily. Her mother finally came to see her! "Guess what!" She didn't give her a chance to guess she added, "Jetpaw and I'll be made warriors today!" Lynxpaw smiled at her mother joyfully. "aren't you proud?"
"Why," That was the only word that escaped Spottedshadow's mouth.
"Why? what do you mean why silly!" Lynxpaw laughed confusedly. "Because I fought bravely and went through all my training," Spottedshadow just stared at her with an empty gaze that stared right through her.
"What will your name be?"
"Who knows its Sunstar who picks the names! Everyone thinks it'll be Lynxtail though because of my tail but who knows" She shrugged.
"That's an awful name.." Spottedshadow hissed.
"What..?" Lynxpaw cocked her head to the side.
"Why would they make you a warrior for something so stupid.. so mouse heartless.. risking your life against a wolf?" Her mother spat angrily. "You must be thick to pick a fight with anything bigger to you.. what do these cats know"
"Mother.." Lynxpaw choked. Why was she saying this? Wasn't she proud that she was going to be a warrior? Lynxpaw didn't understand why she was being like this.
"They're just teaching you how to get killed. I should have stayed with my housefolk and never met Falcontalon," She muttered half to herself.
"Mother what are you saying?" Lynxpaw cried. Why would she say this? She thought Spottedshadow loved Falcontalon..
"This clan and all the cats in it are going to get them selves killed." She narrowed her eyes at Lynxpaw. Lynxpaw shrunk back in her mossy nest.
"Warrior or not, you'll die the death of a blind fool." And with that Spottedshadow turned around and left the den, never looking back. Lynxpaw was left siting there confused as to what happened. Tears bunched at her eyes but her stubbornness kept them from falling. She heard more pawsteps and saw the dark shape of her brother Jetpaw. "Hi Lynxpaw! How's your tail-" He stopped and ran over to Lynxpaw. "What happened?" He asked full of concern. Lynxpaw just looked at him and let her tears fall.

Lynxtail awoke with a start. She looked up to find herself in the warriors den. Everyone else was sound asleep in their nests. She breathed a sigh and laid back down with her head on her paws. She stared out through the opening in the den entrance and looked for a glimpse of the stary sky. It was just a dream.. and a memory. I should have seen the signs... she thought regrettingly to herself, Then maybe both of them would still be here and they could try to be a family again. "Jetwing.." She whispered to the sky. "If your out there... Show mother how to love.. and take care of her"
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