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March 6, 2013
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Newly updated Curlcall TBT by PenguinEatsCarrots Newly updated Curlcall TBT by PenguinEatsCarrots


|| Basic Information ||

Name - Curlkit Curlpaw Curlcall
            Prefix: Curl - Named for his unusually curly fur.
            Suffix: call - Named for his stutter and timid voice.
Nicknames - Curly

Age - 31 moons
Gender - Male
Breed - Turkish Angora X Selkirk Rex X Laperm X American Shorthair X Snowshoe X Bombay
Clan - Skyclan

Rank - Warrior / Reedstar's Prophet

Belief in Starclan: :bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletwhite:

|| Appearance ||

Summary - Curlcall is a tall lithe black and white tom. His muzzel and chest are a light, almost white, gray. His long fur is covered in curls and cowlicks, making grooming quite the task. His nose is a grayish pink color while the inside of his ears and his paw pads are a light silver gray. His eyes are two different colors, one being a baby yellow and the other a dull cornflower blue. On his neck are three scars.

Fur - Curlcall gets his name from his curly fur. The fur along his body is covered in curls and cowlicks and almost whisp out messily when he walks. The majority of his fur is an almost jet black color, save for the light gray blotch of fr on his muzzel and chest. The fur on his head sticks upward almost comically (he is unable to keep it down).

Body type / size - Curlcall is quite taller than most warriors his age. What he makes up in height he does not make up for in the muscle department. His upper body strength is sorely lacking compared to the strength in his hind legs. Some cats will comment on his strong hind legs saying, "You should have been born in Windclan or Riverclan with legs like those!"

Eyes - Curlcall is special, his eyes are two different colors. The eye on his right is a baby yellow while the eye on his right is cornflower blue. Not many cats within the clans are blessed with dual colored eyes like his. He shares this similarity with his clan leader who, too, has multi colored eyes.

    :new: Due to his battle with Cricketleap, Curlcall has been unable to open his yellow eye. This may just be because it is healing and Curlcall hopes that he hasn't lost the ability to see (let alone open) his eye.

Scars and blemishes - On his neck are 3 claw shaped scars. He acquired those scars in a one sided fight against a rouge by the name of Kore.
    :new: Recently, Curlcall had aquired many new scars with his battle with Cricketleap at the Sky Walk. There are 3 scars going through his yellow eye, which is now closed shut until further notice, four scars on his left cheek, a number of jagged scars on his chest and four very long scars on his belly that reach from his underside to the side of his ribs. The last of his scars lies in his ear; a huge notch was torn from the top of his right ear.

|| Personality ||

| Timid | Thinker | Comforter | Easily frightened | Friendly | Pending..|


||  Extra  ||

"I u-uhh.. Li-like she-cats.."

+ any fur type
+ nice personality
+ quiet
+ encouraging / non-judging

- rude cats
- cats who solve problems with claws rather than words
- easily angered cats
- loud

Looking for...
Quick fling? X
Lasting relationship? √
Not sure? X

Scent - He has a kind of morning-dew-on-grass sort of smell, rainy scent

Actor - Jay Baruchel - Hiccup from How to train your Dragon

Fun Facts:
:bulletblack: Curlcall is deathly afraid of trees. He can go near them but the thought of climbing them will make him freak out and stutter.
:bulletblack: Curlcall has a stutter and can't control it if he is startled or confronted out of the blue.
:bulletblack: Curlcall does small breathing exercises when he needs to calm down. You'll sometimes find him doing this in the middle of daily things, he'll even do this during conversations if he has to to stop himself from stuttering.
:bulletblack: Curlcall, due to a fight with Kore, now has 3 scars on his neck. This is quite signifigant because whenever he looks at them or feels them he just thinks of how cowardly he acted in the heat of battle.
:bulletblack: Curlcall has, as of late, become more distant and closed off due to the large amount of cats that he knew died. He's now aprehensive to make new friends, in fer that they too would leave him.
:bulletblack: Curlcall is afraid of abandonment, whether it be a cat leaving him or a cat dying.

+Soft things
+Open fields / grassy areas

-Being caught unaware
-Being in between an argument
-Loud things

|| Family Information ||

Father - Clawtail [ deceased ]
Mother - Tinycloud [ deceased ]
Mate - Lotus

|| History ||



Bullet; White No opinion || Bullet; WhiteBullet; White Aquaintance
Bullet; Green Friend || Bullet; GreenBullet; Green Close Friend || Bullet; GreenBullet; GreenBullet; Green Best Friend
Bullet; Blue Pities || Bullet; BlueBullet; Blue Wants to help

Bullet; Purple Blood Relative || Star! Family by choice

Bullet; Pink Small Crush || Bullet; PinkBullet; Pink Bigger Crush
Bullet; Red Love || Bullet; RedBullet; Red Mated with
Rose Attraction || RoseRose Lust
Heart || Mate

Bullet; Yellow Curious || Bullet; YellowBullet; Yellow Suspicious || :bulletyellow::bulletyellow::bulletyellow: Intimidated by 
Bullet; Orange Respects || Bullet; OrangeBullet; Orange Terrified of || :bulletorange::bulletorange::bulletorange: Apprentice / Mentor
Bullet; Black Hates || Bullet; BlackBullet; Black Wants Dead
Black Rose || Dead

Relations [ Name - ♀/ ♂ - :dev : ]

| Skyclan |

 :bulletpink: | :bulletgreen::bulletgreen: | :bulletblue: [ Lotus - ♀ - Tree-Branch ]  "L-Lotuspaw? Oh shes super nice and sweet! She was one of my first friends! I really feel bad for her though cause cats are always bullying her, though i can relate because of my stutter.. She has a really pretty smile and she really likes butterflies. She really does know how to make me smile!"

:bulletpink::bulletpink: | :bulletgreen::bulletgreen: | :bulletblue::bulletblue: "O-oh gosh.. Lotuspaw- er Lotus now I believe.. she left Skyclan and I-I didn't know what to think or do.. I saw her again though! And I don't know but something warm fluttered in my cheast when I saw her. I thought I'd never see her again but reuniting with her again was just so- s-so wonderful! She wants to stay a loner though.. I really wish the cats would treat her right, she deserves it. I-I think I might.. love her.. I'm afraid to tell her though,"

:heart: | :bulletred: | :bulletgreen::bulletgreen: | :bulletblue::bulletblue: "I d-did it. I told her I l-l-loved her. And c-could you b-believe it? She loves me too! I-I've never felt happier! She says she might come back w-with me to S-Skyclan! O-oh gosh I'm blushing bad.. I really want to spend my l-life with her.. I love her so much.. if only others could show love towards her too?"

:bulletyellow::bulletyellow::bulletyellow: | :bulletorange: | [ Vistagaze: - ♀ - Aceofstars16 ] "I u-uh really shouldn't be a-afraid of our deputy but she just.. she scares me! Shes always telling m-me to stop stutering.. I-I-I can't h-help it! Though I know she says it to help me.. I guess she means good. Though I always end up being the mediator for her and Thornblade."

Black Rose | "S-she was such a great w-warrior and deputy.. Why? Why did they a-all have to d-d-die?"

:bulletyellow::bulletyellow::bulletyellow: | :bulletorange: | [ Thornblade - ♀ - :devst0leninsanity:]   "Shes not quite as scary as Vistagaze can be but whenever I'm apart of a patrol with he shes always working me to the bone or presuring me or telling me not to stutter.. Its kind of hard not to stutter when I'm always on a patrol with her and Vistagaze! She-cats!"

Black Rose | "What had h-happened to her? One d-day healthy with k-kits.. the next.. gone?"

:bulletgreen:| [ Fallenpaw - - ALittleCr00ked ]  "Hes really cool! When hes not trying to make me climb t-trees! He was also one of my first friends, I just hope we can stay friends!"

Black Rose | :bulletgreen::bulletgreen: | "..He.. He was one of my best friends.."

|:bulletgreen::bulletgreen: | :bulletorange: |[ Honeypelt- ♀ - theinsanegoth ]   "She saved my life! I was really scared when that fox attacked us! I met her when she was a Thunderclan cat but now shes a Skyclan cat! That made me really happy. Shes really nice and was trying to help me get over my fear of trees."

Black Rose "She's d-dead.. Just like the rest of them.. I. I wish I could have helped her..."

:bulletorange::bulletorange::bulletorange:| :bulletorange: | :bulletgreen: [ Cloverstar - ♀ - adderclaw229 ]  "Since my previous mentor passed away Cloverstar has become my mentor.. Shes really strict! Though I'm kind of glad for her strictness.. 'cause if it weren't for it i would have never gotten over my fear of trees! I won't disappoint you Cloverstar! I'll be the best Skyclan warrior there is!"

|:bulletorange: | :bulletgreen: "My best mentor I had, if it weren't for her I never would have, slightly, gotten over my fear of trees. Shre really made me into the warrior I am now.. even if I'm still a fresh warrior. I still hope that I can learn more from her."

| :bulletorange: | :bulletgreen::bulletgreen: | :bulletblue: | :bulletblue::bulletblue: "S-she died.. Lost a life i-in front o-o-of my eyes.. I-ive never felt so- so useless.. I couldn't have saved her.. I was to far away.. I hope though.. I hope she got the g-glimpse of S-Starclan that she needed.."

| Riverclan |


| Windclan |

Swiftfoot |:bulletwhite::bulletwhite:|:bulletblack:| "This tom scares me! Are all Windclan cats this vicious?! That rabbit was rightfully mine! Though I wonder what would have happened if I had kept the rabbit... I'd rather not think of that.."

| Thunderclan |

Heatherpaw |:bulletyellow::bulletyellow:|:bulletgreen:| "She was very nice! Quite cheerful, first Thunderclanner I've met. We shared a mouse(?) together. She was quite a good hunter too, kinda emberased myself for missing that rabbit haha,"

Heatherlight pending...

| Shadowclan |

:bulletwhite::bulletwhite: | :bulletorange: [ Cricketleap - ♀ - mod2amaryllis ]"S-she was S-Shadowclan's prophet! She was very nice I thought.. kinda liked to keep to herself though.. but who of us didn't? We were able to find and bring back the cure though so I'm glad. I hope hers, and everyone else's, family will better now with the cure."

:bulletyellow: | :bulletyellow::bulletyellow: | :bulletblue::bulletblue: "I-.. I-I don't know what t-t-to think of her a-anymore.. She- Her clan a-attacked ours f-for a reason only S-Starclan knows.. She ruined my eye I think.. I haven't been able to o-open it quite y-yet.. I don't want to hate her but.. B-but I just... I don't know,"


Kore |:bulletblack::bulletblack:|:bulletwhite::bulletwhite:|:bulletyellow:| "I-I... I really don't know what to think about this cat... He's the one who gave me my neck scars. He is rather frightening. One moment he says hes amused by me the next he has his claws at my throat! He says he kills cats for 'fun'.. I just don't like that! Hes just so confusing..."

Contact/roleplay info

Roleplaying Preferences:

Notes:   Definitely! Notes are the best way!
Skype:   Skype me at PenguineatsCarrots!
Comments:  Never.. unless its a forum style comment ^^'
Forum:  Never unless its in the comment style xD (sorry if that sounds really confusing)

Roleplay Example: [Roleplay with streakpie]

Ratpaw never even knew her name? He frowned. No kit should ever loose their mother, ever. This struck a nerve in Iceshadow's protective fluff. "I'm sorry.." Was all he could manage to mutter. "I bet.. I bet if you knew her.. you two would have been close," He tried to comfort, but doubted it would do any good.

He let out another sigh, seems he's been doing that a lot tonight. "Not as close as I would have liked.." He gazed off into the distant, his eyes looking at the dark, shadowy snow covered hills of Windclan, but yet, not looking. They just seemed to stare off into the distance. "I think I made her sad," Iceshadow remembered the day he saw his mother at the gathering, she had looked so sad and downcast.

"well," He started. "I was out patrolling with my father by the Riverclan border when I heard the noise of a cat fighting. I got concerned and went to go and help the cat. My father had refused at first.." He said the last part in a low cold voice. "I crossed the border only to see my mother-- barely landing hits on a savage fox." His eyes widened slightly at the memory. "So I ran to help her.. but her wounds were so deep.. and she had so many.." He trailed off for a moment.

"Then my father came and was attacked.. right in the throat.." He lifted his paw to his throat tentatively. "I couldn't save them both. I tried too; lashing out at the fox with all my might.. but alas it was no use." His eyes clouded. "I ran to my father and as he lay dying he whispered to me, 'You have potential'" His eyes narrowed.

"Then I looked to my mother.. she was gone. And the last thing I said to her was so cold and she was so sad." He breathed a deep breath before finishing his tale. "So, all I could do.. to even honor her memory, was to bring her back to her clan; her home. And tell them of how bravely she fought.. till her last breath.."
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