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January 1, 2013
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Lynxtail by PenguinEatsCarrots Lynxtail by PenguinEatsCarrots
Lynxkit Lynxpaw Lynxtail
40 moons
Scottish fold/tabby
A tan she-cat with a darker brown stripes and a pale brown underbelly. The underneath of her paws are also a pale brown. Her brown ears a permanently folded down. She has hazel eyes. she only has half her tail.

:bulletblue: Optimistic: Lynxtail is always trying to find the brightness in every bad situation. For example when she lost her tail instead of freaking out (well she did for like the first 2 days xD i mean who wouldn't?) she saw it as her battle scar and embraced it.
:bulletblue: Laid back/shyish: Lynxtail can be very laid back or shyish sometimes, especially when shes around cats she doesn't know or don't like very well.
:bulletred: Clumsy: Lynxtail can be very clumsy at times mainly due to only having half her tail. Her clumsiness can sometimes result in getting injured badly in battle or missing a catch when hunting.
:bulletblue:/:bulletred: Brave: She is a very brave cat but sometimes that often clouds her common sense and she ends up running into battle blind.
:bulletred: memories (didnt know what to call this one): even through her optimism Lynxtail often looks back on the past and sometimes forgets about the present. This sometimes gets her yelled at when shes supposed to be doing warrior duties but doesn't pay attention.
:bulletred: Provoked: She can be provoked very easily if you hit her in the right spot. Once shes provoked her optimistic and enthusiastic side disappears to show vengeful feline. She can then become very stubborn and probally get herself into biiiiiiiig trouble.
Lynxtail's mother Spottedshadow entered clan life after being a kittypet and then a rouge and quickly adapted to it for her love for Falcontalon. After her and her brother Jetwing were born their mother, Spottedshadow started to loose interest in can life. During the end of Lynxtail's apprenticeship she and her mentor were attacked by a wolf and Lynxtail lost her tail which earned her the name Lynxtail. Lynxtail to this day still boasts about her 'battle scar' the wolf left her, even though she is now nearly unable to balance correctly when climbing rocks or trees. After that incident though her mother, Spottedshadow, up and left the clan in the middle of the night. Lynxtail and her brother Jetwing were shocked and depressed, Jetwing more so. A little after that her brother decided to leave the clan in search for their lost mother. He never returned. Lynxtail still believes that he and her mother will return one day. Soon after Jetwing left the clan her father Falcontalon died of greencough. Although all this happened to her Lynxtail remained strong and tried to move on.

Fun Fact
-Lynxtail loooooves her flattened ears and shortened tail for some weird reason. She says it makes her more unique than most cats.
-She vowed that if she had kits she would name them after her family: Jetkit, Spottedkit, and Falconkit.
-She got the flattened ears from her mother but got her fathers eyes and pelt while her brother got his fathers ears and their mothers pelt.
-One main reason she lost her tail to the wolf was because of her urge to run into battle. stupid cat xD

:bulletorange::bulletorange::bulletpurple: Spottedshadow: was a rouge that got taken into the clan and quickly adopted into clan life. She was a black and white Scottish fold. (MIA)
:bulletorange::bulletorange::heart:Falcontalon: a straightforward cat who was fast and strong. He was a golden brown tabby. (deceased)
:bulletorange::bulletorange::heart: Jetwing: Jetwing was her brother. He was a quite black and white tom who kept mostly to himself. (MIA)
Relationship tracker:

:bulletyellow: = stranger
:bulletwhite: = trust
:bulletblue: = Acquaintance :bulletblue::bulletblue: Friend
:bulletgreen: = Close Friend :bulletgreen::bulletgreen: Best friend
:bulletpink: = Crush :bulletpink::bulletpink: = Lust
:heart: = Love
:bulletpurple: = Dislike
:bulletblack: = Hate
:bulletorange: = Apprentice :bulletorange::bulletorange: Family
:bulletred: = Discomfort :bulletred::bulletred: Despise


:bulletorange::bulletblue::bulletblue: Runningpaw - "My apprentice, and a hard working one at that! He was always so eager to learn, which him being my first apprentice made me both happy and overwhellmed! Though now he seems to be going through a rough patch, I hope I can bring him out of it so he can be that cheery enthusiastic apprentice I met when he became my apprentice."
:bulletblue: Appletail - "He's really nice and kinda funny! His tail is really bushy I'm sorta jeallous haha seen as how I have no tail! Though leaves seem to get stuck in it often. I feel bad for him for that!"
:bulletblue: Paintedfeather - "She's really nice and quiet.. I had a thorn in my paw not to long ago but she fixed it right up! She's a really good medicine cat."


:bulletpurple::bulletyellow: Tidepaw - "Tidepaw? Uhg was she that Tidalclan apprentice I met? She wanted to kill me because I triped over the border.. lets just say me and her probably will not get along in the future.."
:bulletblue: Kindlestep - "Oh I remember him! He was really nice and so easy to talk to! He was very sweet and helped me with my hunting problems because of my tail.. I hope to talk to him again!"
:bulletblue::bulletpink: Hopflight - "Mr. Flirtsy as I call him. He's such a great story teller and a big flirt! Though i'll admit I was a bit flirty back haha.. He had such gorgeous eyes! like they were plucked from the sea! I really hope to see him again, I just hope i've not falllen for his charms!"
:bulletblue: Leaftail - "I owe this tom my life! If it were'nt for him I would have drowned or freezed to death! It was funny though, how we met, er both just laughed about my near death experience! Haha."


None yet!

|Non clan|

:bulletyellow: Sparrow - "I feel like this cat was toying with me.. She kept running into Aspenclan territory but I told her I wouldn't hurt as long as she stopped trespassing.. I doubt she stopped haha.."

RP Example:
From a DeviantCrossing rp
"Hmm" Shine analyzed his BOO "That was better! try one more time! i know you can do it!" He encouraged.
Pippin raised a skeptical brow, thinking that Shine didn't quite hear how soft his boo actually seemed. Nevertheless he was growing more determined now to get it right- and took in one more breath.
As he huffed however, something seemed to tickle his nose. He tried to ignore it but the inevitable feeling of a sneeze seemed to overpower him. "Aaaaa- AHCHFLEBPT" He blew, knocking the wind out of himself and falling back on his rump.
Shine stared at him for a moment. after a few moments of silence Shine burst into laughter "I will say that that surprised me enough that i jumped" He chuckled and held his paw out to Pippin "you know your not too bad!" He gleamed at him with his peppy smile.
Pulling out a hankerchief from his pocket to rub at his nose with one hand, he grabbed onto Shine's paw with the other. "Well if I don't scare of the ghouls with my looks then I might well fright them away with my allergies." He chuckled awkwardly.

This is my app for :iconofstarsandclans:!

Lynxtail is mine!

sorry for all the updates guys xD
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