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My name is Asher. I live in Emod. I always thought... no... I was always taught that this place.. this world was perfect. I was taught that there was no other place but Emod, but they were wrong. I found the truth about this place and it just might prove the ignorance that is our mind. My name is Asher and this is my story.

I wake up at 7am every morning for school.
I get home from school at 2pm.
I eat dinner with my family at 7pm.
I go to sleep at 8pm.
This is my daily schedule but today all of that is about to change.
*   *   *

I wake up to my alarm clock beeping loudly. I get up and get dressed for school.
"Asher! Come eat breakfast."  My mother calls me downstairs.
"Coming mother!" I call back. I walk down stairs and take my seat next to my father. My mother serves me eggs and pancakes.
"You finish your homework?"my father asks.
"Yes sir." I reply. I finish my breakfast and leave for school. I walk down the silver-gray roads that lead to the school. The sides of the roads were covered with beautiful plants and houses. 
"Hey Asher!" I hear my friend Tulio call my name. "Did you hear about the man that got delliked the other day?" He whispered as he came up to me.
"Dellik?" I ask.
"Yeah... He was going on about Emod isn't real..." Tulio paused, "He kept asking if we saw the glitches. Whatever that meas." Tulio shrugged. Glitches? I ponder on this thought for a while. What does this mean? I shake my head as we get into school.

*   *   *

School ended and I asked Tulio if him and his sister Bahari would like to go to the park with me. As we got to the park we saw a girl swinging on the swings and a guy was riding his bike around the park. We got out the ball and started to pass it to each other. Tulio tossed the ball to Bahari.
"Catch this Asher!" Bahari laughed. As she threw the ball to me something seemed different, strange even. The world seemed to stop for a moment, as if it had paused. I saw the ball still coming to me but it seemed to lag.
"What-?" I started to say but, as quickly as it started, it stopped and the ball hit me in the head. I fell down and landed on my butt but didn't really care much for the bump on my head. What just happened? I thought wildly.
"Asher! Are you OK?" Tulio and Bahari ask worriedly as they came up to me. I gave a weary nod and stand up.
"Did you guys see that...?" I ask them, my voice shaking.
"See what?" Tulio asks.
"The ball... it lagged..." I say to them. They look at me as if sprouted another head.
"Lag?" Bahari questioned. "What do you mean lag?"
I look at them confused. How could they not see that?! I almost scream at them. I look around me and start to notice things I've never noticed before. The guy on his bike seemed to move slower than he should have been. The girl on the swing paused in mid swing only to resume halfway down.
"Whats going on?!" I shout at them.
"Asher! Don't shout!" Bahari fretted. "You'll get in trouble!" I look at her and almost scream; Her face became almost pixelated.
I turned around and ran out of the park. What's going on?! Am I dreaming? I think frantically. I fall to my knees on the ground and put my head in my hands. 
"What is happening to me!" I cry. "Wake up! Wake... up.." I whimper. Suddenly aloud high pitch screeching beep sounded in my head, or so it felt, and everything turns black.
I open my eyes and find myself in a dim dusty room. In the corner is the silhouette of a man. I try to sit up But there are wires attached to my body.
"Who... Who's there?" I croak.
"Your worlds creator.. Your god." He says in an old raspy voice.
"What do you mean?" I ask in a whisper.
"I created the world you live in," He says "I made it so no one would have to live in a world like this.. the True world."
"This world? True world?" I shudder "Emod is the only world"
"No... it is only one world of many" He walks over to me and pulls off the wires attached to me. "Your awareness makes  you more knowledgeable than most in your world," I sit up from the bed i was on. "Look," he says "This is the true world" I walk to the window and look out. This world was just crumbled buildings and dead plants. It was barren, no person in sight, and reeked of death.
"You could go back to the world you lived in..." He says "But could you live with knowledge of the true world?" he added in a whisper.
I look down through the window and see a man on the pavement. "The ones who learn usually can not" I turn and look at him, his face wrinkled with time.
"I think i'll stay in this world, I can not stay in a world that I know is fake," I say after a while "But I'll send you into that world so you can live in a happier place." He smiles at me.
"I will teach you first. Then maybe I'll take you up on that offer."

*   *   *

Days and months pass by after i learn about the new, or original, world. I think about the Utopia that Zachary, that was the old man's name, had made. It's crucial flaw was ignorance... no; Knowledge.

Ok so originally this story was going to be about a Dome (hence the name Emod = Dome backwards) but the story didnt turn out so well so instead, for better clarification, this story is about a guy who makes a utopia in which everyone who lives in Emod is actually in like a big simulation type thing... sorta like the matrix in a way and certain people like Asher and the man that got Delliked (dellik = killed backwards [also meaning he woke up in the true world]) had enough knowledge and awareness to wake up from the simulation of the perfect world that was Emod. But in the end not everyone can deal with the truth.. sometimes the truth is a heavy burden. But there are those who can accept the truth for what they are and learn to make it better

tell me what you guys think of this short story!!!
LucasandClaus Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
I realllllly like it :3 :iconmegustaplz:
The epilogue thing was a little lacking, but that is just my opinion though.
Good job otherwise xd
PenguinEatsCarrots Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thanks! and it was suposed to be between 750 and 1000 words and i was at like 900 something so i couldnt make as detailed XP
LucasandClaus Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
Ah, ok x3
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