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tRE - A storm is coming by PenguinEatsCarrots
tRE - A storm is coming
thought I'd jump on the band wagon and create a promo //

:iconthe-rainfall-effect: The-Rainfall-Effect :iconthe-rainfall-effect:

I'm in love with Lark's design ohmylord
Sadly she didn't make it as Shadowclan's deputy but its all good! She can come in as a warrior!
Baby by PenguinEatsCarrots
. :  Y o u   w e r e   b o r n  . . .  S m a l l  b u m p  : .

A school project
The songs that inspired this were You were born by Cloud Cult and Small bump by Ed Sheeran

Art (c) PenguinEatsCarrots
The-rainfall-effect | Larkfrost | Shadowclan | app by PenguinEatsCarrots
The-rainfall-effect | Larkfrost | Shadowclan | app

For this awesome looking group ;; o ;;
The-Rainfall-Effect The-Rainfall-Effect The-Rainfall-Effect
Gonna try out for deputy of Shadowclan~

|| Basic Information ||

Name - Lark-kit - Larkpaw - Larkfrost
            Prefix: Lark - For her dark, almost black pelt.
            Suffix: frost - For her frosty attitude and personality.
Nicknames - Frosty(used by those really close to her), Lark

Age - 40 moons - 3 years and 4 months
Gender - Female
Breed - Javanese (most prominent) X Havana cat X American Shorthair X Bombay X Laperm
Clan - Shadowclan

Rank - Warrior
Past mentor - Bearsnap
Apprentice -
[past] Small-leap
[current] none

Belief in Starclan: :bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletwhite:

"I have a strong belief for our starry anscestors, I feel them around us, though I do not see them. I like to believe my family is up there smiling and proud of my achievements."

|| Appearance ||

Summary - Larkfrost is a taller than most, lithe, dark brown she-cat. Her face, paws and tail are an almost faded reddish brown. Her pointer triangular shaped ears compliment her slightly triangle shaped head. She has a medium length feathery tail. Her eyes are a vivid blue. She has 3 noticeable scars on her face.

Fur - Larkfrost's fur is a nice dark brown color with a tinge of reddish brown on her face, paws and tail. Her fur is short and soft. The fur along the nape of her neck and near the base of her tail is unusually curly.

Body type / size - Larkfrost is on the lean/lithe side of the body type spectrum. She's taller than most females, being only slightly shorter than an average male warrior.

Eyes - Larkfrost's eyes are a very vivid blue, very common in her most prominent breed (Javanese). In certain lighting her eyes look almost white, or ghostly.

Scars and blemishes - The only scars that grace her features are the tree on her face. She has one scar going through her right eye. The one on her cheek Is the larger of the three, taking up a good chunk of her skin. Her last scar is on her maw. This scar had taken a chunk of her mouth with it. Her teeth can be seen through this wound. Sometimes, she can be seen eating with her head tilted slightly to the side to keep the food from falling out the hole in her mouth.

|| Personality ||

| Cold | Calculating | Sharp-tongued | Protective / Motherly | Quiet / Introverted | Dedicated / Work-a-holic |

:bulletgreen: - Positive
:bulletblue: - Neutral
:bulletred: - Negitive

Cold | :bulletred: | "*stares silently with a scowl*" - Larkfrost's introverted self combined with her sharp tounge cause her to come off as a cold she-cat. She tends to be rather curt and to the point with most cats and most of time usually stares cooly at them all the while making a stinging comment.

Calculating | :bulletblue: | "If we strike from this angle.." - Intelligence and tactics take up the bulk of Larkfrost's abilities. She enjoys creating a master plan on how to achieve a certain goal, whether it be taking territory from another clan or invading it. She hates nothing more than a poorly thought out plan. She finds it highly amusing when cats run out into battle blindly and then fail. 

Sharp-tongued | :bulletred: | "Like you're one to talk you frog tongued fool," - Larkfrost's bark is (usually) worse than her bite. She often makes stinging remarks about everyone and everything, esspecially if they're not doing a certain job right or if they're just not doing anything (ie: if a cat was being lazy or fooling around she'd snap cooly at them to quit being a bird-brained idiot and get back to work).

Protective / Motherly | :bulletgreen: | "Now do be careful," - Larkfrost wasn't known to be the motherly type, usually hiding behind her frosty gaze. But when she had her two kits, that hidden quirk soon became known. Not only was she protective of her kits but of her clan as a whole. The day she became a warrior was the day she knew she had to take the role of protecting her clan seriously.

Quiet / Introverted | :bulletblue: | "Please leave me be, I have better things to be doing." - Nothing grinds Larkfrost's gears more than loud obnoxious cats. Larkrost is the quiet, observant type of cat who tends to keep to herself. She can usually be seen off on her own, watching the clan from afar. 

Dedicated / Work-a-holic | :bulletgreen: | "Lets get this done. No excuses or interruptions," - Ever since Larkrost was a kit, she had been dedicated to becoming 'Larkstar'. She pushed herself to the bone to make sure everything she did would lead her to at the least, deputy status. She makes sure to put all her effort into all the work she does, whether it be catching the most prey or going on the most patrols. She enjoys keeping her paws busy especially if it means benefiting her clan.

||  Extra  ||




+ Intelligent cats
+ Strong
+ Proud but not condescending
+ Any pelt/eye color
+ Cats who can make her smile/laugh (which is quite the difficult feat)

- Dim-witted cats
- Loud obnoxious cats
- Weak
- Timid

Looking for...
Quick fling? X
Lasting relationship? √
Not sure? √


Open - but not quite looking for a relationship right now
non-virgin - she had two kits

Scent - She smells greatly of the pine that covers Shadowclan's territory

Sound - Her voice is silky, but very cold and commanding sounding. 
Actor - pending....

Fun Facts:
+ Silence
+ When a plan works out
+ The sound of rain
+ Lizards
+ Night time

- Noise
- Large groups of cats (She can stand a clan meeting/gathering but prefers to stand away from the crowd and watch)
- Snakes
- Rats
- Wind
- Thunder

- Her scars were all earned from the same battle. She got them all in her first battle as a warrior against Riverclan.
- She finds it difficult to open up to other cats, opting to instead say locked up within herself.
- She enjoys listening to and sometimes, if its not to cold, being in the rain.
- Bearsnap has been one of the only cats to successfully get Larkfrost to open up.
- Larkfrost finds it quite difficult to socialize with others, unless in a professional manor (ie: gatherings, speaking with the leader or higher ups, etc)
- She has an irrational fear of snakes, she's never had an encounter with them before but just thinking of them sends shivers down her spine.
- Larkfrost has a deep respect for senior warriors and elders and can often be seen sharing tongues with them or listening to their stories.
- She is rather awkward around kits and is known to be quite the hard-ass stern she-cat on apprentices.
- Her most preferred prey are lizards and birds.
- She distastes rats (who doesn't?)
- Her favorite seasons are leaf-fall and new-leaf.

Fighting style
Larkfrost's fighting style is more sneaky and calculating. She uses her dark pelt and Shadowclan's many shadows to her advantage. She is known for sike-ing out her opponents, blending into the shadows and then making her move to attack. When she goes into battle she only has a short time to assess her opponents before thinking of how she can attack. Since brute strength is not her strong suit, she instead uses her strength and intelligence.


Out of five

Attack - :star::star:Half StarNo StarNo Star
Tactic - :star::star::star::star:Half Star
Endurance - :star::star:Half StarNo StarNo Star
Speed - :star::star::star:Half StarNo Star
Strength - :star:Half StarNo StarNo StarNo Star

Sight - :star::star::star::star:No Star
Sound - :star::star::star::star:No Star
Touch - :star::star::star::star::star:
Smell - :star::star::star:No StarNo Star
Taste - :star:star:Half StarNo StarNo Star

Hunting - :star::star::star::star:No Star
"Hunting keeps me at peace. It is quite the enjoyable pass time and it feeds the clan in the process.. a win win i'd say,"
Swimming - No StarNo StarNo StarNo StarNo Star
"Although I enjoy the rain, swimming doesn't sound the least bit enjoyable. How those fish-faced cats do it is beyond me,"
Tracking - :star::star::star:No StarNo Star
"I like to believe that I can track fairly well,"
Planning - :star::star::star::star::star:
"I pride myself in my exceptional planning skills, being able to sort out even the most difficult of plans is my specialty,"
Climbing - :star:Half StarNo StarNo StarNo Star
"I can't say that I am the best at climbing.. Heights aren't necessarily my forte,"
Leadership - :star::star::star:Half StarNo Star
"I was born to lead, I think. I'm good at keeping my emotions to myself and making commands like a true leader and planning and thinking out things surely show off my skills,"
Conversational skills - Half StarNo StarNo StarNo StarNo Star
"....I'm not one for conversation,"
Teaching - :star::star:Half StarNo StarNo Star
"Small-leap came out to be a respectable warrior, so I have high faith in my teaching skills,"
Kitting knowledge - :star::star::starHalf StarNo Star
"Having had kits in my life time, I can surely say that I have a decent amount of kitting knowledge. Though, I don't belive I'd be much help in helping a queen give birth,"
Herbal knowledge - :star:Half StarNo StarNo StarNo Star
"I only know the basics that all other cats know,"

*Note: The side with more blues means that side is more prominent in her personality
Niceness - :bulletwhite::bulletwhite::bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue: - Mean
Humor - :bulletwhite::bulletwhite::bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue: - Dry
Blends in - :bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletwhite::bulletwhite::bulletwhite: - Suspicious
Giving - :bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletwhite::bulletwhite::bulletwhite: - Greedy
Welcoming - :bulletwhite::bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue: - Cold
Loud - :bulletwhite::bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue: - Quiet
Oblivious - :bulletwhite::bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue: - Observant
Lazy - :bulletwhite::bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue: - Always active
Follower - :bulletwhite::bulletwhite::bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue: - Leader

|| Family Information ||

Father - Buzzardbite - A short haired, reddish-brown tabby tom with ember eyes. [ deceased ]
Mother - Ravenflight - A dark brown, almost black she-cat with long feathery fur and glowing blue eyes. [ deceased ]
Siblings - n/a
Past -Bearsnap - A large golden brown tabby tom with a thick scraggly pelt and striking golden eyes.  [ deceased ]
Current: - none
Kits -
Pinepaw - He is a small dark brown tom with the same red face, paws and tail as his mother. He also has thin light brown stripes along his legs, tail and forehead. [ deceased ] ♂
Tigerstrike - An almost exact replica of his father with the same golden brown tabby pelt, the only difference are his blue eyes and reddish stripes. [ open for try-outs ] ♂

|| History ||

Before birth
Larkfrost's story starts with two highly respected warriors, the polite and calculating Ravenflight and the strong well liked Buzzardbite. The two had known each other since apprenticeship and were often seen together on patrols or just sharing tongues in the camp. Most of Shadowclan thought that they would soon become mates with how they were going. Their courtship ended up being more out of exppectations than out of love at that point. Though, somewhere along the way they had begun to truly love each other, maybe it was when they heard that Ravenflight was expecting kits. They vowed to teach their little kit all they knew, from Ravenflight's intelligence to Buzzardbite's strength. They knew one day that their kit would grow up to be something to remember.

Lark-kit was born early in greenleaf. She was a small almost black buddle that they had brought into the world. She was healthy for being earlier than expected. She was a fighter and they both knew it. They named her that morning, naming her after the black birds that flew around the territories, the lark. Lark-kit had a relatively normal kithood, running around with all the other kits and listening to stories told by the elders who spoke of the great leaders; Shadowstar, Thunderstar, Windstar, Riverstar and Skystar. Lark-kit had always been in awe of all the stories. She would always run back to the elders to have them tell her more stories of the ancient leaders. She vowed that she'd become a great leader oneday, one to be remembered by and passed down to be told to excitable kits.
As the moons went on Ravenflight and Buzzardbite began to teach Lark-kit all they knew. Ravenflight taught Lark-kit how to observe the cats around her and how to analyze them. This is truly when her her cold and and introverted personality began to show through. She began to loose interest in playing with the other kits, opting instead to sit and watch the cats around her. Buzzardbite had taught her how to judge each opponent fairly. To not judge to quickly or assume. 

By the time Lark-kit became Larkpaw she was farm more mature beyond her age. She was quiet and not all overly excited unlike the other apprentices. The mentor she was given was a young warrior by the name of Bearsnap. He was quite younger than most of the usual mentors, bordering 20 or so moons. But, the leader saw that he would be the best match for the serious Larkpaw. Bearsnap was a lighthearted warrior who was not afraid to speak his mind or voice his opinions. He had an air of pride about him that intrigued Larkpaw. Their training began mid leaf-fall. Larkpaw had proven to be quite the pawfull for young Bearsnap, from her sharp remarks to her serious, cold facade.
As the moons went on Bearsnap was surprised to see how quick
a learner Larkpaw actually was. Although she wasn't the best at fighting, she excelled at strategizing and sizing up her opponents. Her determination though, was what surprised Bearsnap most. She would push herself the hardest in everything. If one of the other apprentices knocked her down she would get back up and try again. If one cat brought in two pieces of prey she would aim for four. She would constantly volunteer to be on the next patrol, even if Bearsnap told her to go and rest. He loved to watch her icy eyes light up when she spoke of one day becoming deputy then leader. He believed- no knew- that she would achieve that goal one day. 

Larkpaw worked through the rest of her apprenticeship with vigor until finally, her training came to an end. Larkpaw was no more and in her place, Larkfrost was born. She had grown into quite the she-cat. Bearsnap, along with her parents, couldn't have been more proud. Now that the dark she-cat had become a warrior, her dream had become closer and closer to being achieved, she could almost see it over the horizon. Snowfall began only a few moons after Larkfrost became a warrior. The snow was heavy and unrelenting. It was one of the worse the clans had seen. But Larkfrost didn't let that deter her. She continued to trudge through the snow, catching as much as she could whether they be scrawny mice or half dead toads. During this time she became closer and closer to her old mentor. He would always accompany her on patrols and huntings. She would often snap at him cooly saying that she was fine on her own but he wouldn't back off.
It was around this time that Larkfrost's mother became sick with green-cough. It wasn't surprising with how terrible the winter was but it hurt the family all the more. Bearsnap stayed by Larkfrost's side, comforting her with all that he could, but Larkfrost refused to show weakness. 
With the end of leafbare, the beginning of a warm and bright newleaf arose. Sadly, Ravenfrost did not survive the winter. The clan mourned for the loss of many great warriors that winter. Newleaf brought on many new kits into the clan, meaning many new apprentices for the clan to mold. Larkfrost had yet to acquire an apprentice and waited with silent anticipation. She bombarded Bearsnap, along with the other senior warriors, with many questions and inquires about how to be a great mentor. They had assured her that she would be a wonderful mentor, albeit cold and a little intimidating. 
Soon it was greenleaf again and the kits were almost ready to be apprenticed. Larkfrost knew that she could not become deputy unless she had acquired her first apprentice. In a certain way her goal seemed far off, but in others it seemed just past the pine trees. Around this time she had begun to notice the way Bearsnap would look at her or the way he could easily make her smile. She feared that she may have been falling for the brown warrior. It was after she acquired her first apprentice, Smallpaw, that her and Bearsnap became mates. It was odd, letting another cat apart from her family in. She wasn't used to showing so much emotion to any cat, used to being serious and indifferent. 
The next moons sped by quickly. Larkfrost became so focused on training her small apprentice. Smallpaw proved to be quite the timid apprentice and it frustrated her greatly. How could she train a cat into greatness if they jumped at every frog leap or leaf crackle? This wasn't what she expected when she wanted to train an apprentice. It didn't help her swirling mind when Bearsnap suggested kits. Larkfrost wanted to be anything but a queen. She couldn't be a deputy and a queen at the same time? She didn't mean to snap at him when she did but she just couldn't think of having kits and reaching her goal at the same time. He backed off in understanding, smiling and backing her up like usual.
The rest of Larkfrost's mentoring went by smoothly. Smallpaw had slowly, but surely gotten over most of his timid nature with Larkfrost's help. She made sure to teach him all she knew about observation and strategizing. The following snowfall Smallpaw evolved into Small-leap. Although Larkfrost's face didn't show her feelings, she had been so proud of her small apprentice. After his and the other apprentice's warrior ceremony, Bearsnap came up to Larkfrost and asked about kits once more. This time she said yes.
Larkfrost gave birth to two healthy kits the following season. One named Pinekit for his dark brown fur while the other Tigerkit for his tiger like stripes. Larkfrost had no idea how to be a mother and she also had no idea why she had become so protective of these little kits. She wished she could ask her mother what to do, instead opting for her father and the other queens. Pinekit was the quieter of the two, similar to his mother, while Tigerkit was energetic and always looking for something to do. Moons flew by in a daze until the day finally came for Pinekit and Tigerkit to become Pinepaw and Tigerpaw. It felt almost odd for Larkfrost to return to her nest in the warriors den next to Bearsnap. She told her kits all she knew while she could and told her all the stories she was told as a kit in hopes to better prepare them for the future. 
Life was relatively normal for Shadowclan. Mentors trained their apprentices, cats went out on daily hunts and patrols. Border skirmishes occurred every once in a while. Nothing all to life changing happened until one chilling day in Leaffall. Her sons had gone with their mentors to preform a border patrol by Thunderclan. She remembered the day clearly. She had been sharing tounges with her father and the rest of the elders when suddenly, Tigerpaw burst into camp, fear evident in his ember eyes. He screamed for someone to come and help. Pinepaw had been hit on Thunderpath. Larkfrost's whole world stopped. She remembered running after Tigerpaw, followed by their medicine cat and another warrior. They arrived at the Thunderpath in record time. Larkfrost couldn't believe her eyes. Laying in the middle of the shiny black path lay her small dark brown son. She didn't remember much after that, only remembering walking numbly back to camp, Tigerpaw supporting her on the side and remembering Bearsnap's face when he came back to camp only to see one of his sons. Larkfrost soon grew colder than before. She began to branch farther and farther from her clanmates. She seemed to have lost her drive.
Bearsnap became restless after that. He would often pick fights with cats from other clans, attacking to harshly when he spotted intruders. All Larkfrost could do was sit and watch as her mate broke. It wasn't to long after that that Bearsnap got into a terrible battle with a few cats from Thunderclan. That day a small patrol of Thunderclan cats had crossed the Shadowclan border chasing after a few pieces of prey. He had lashed out at them with all his pent up anger and sadness. It had been him and one other warrior against three other warriors. Ignoring his clan mate's plea to return to camp, Bearsnap attacked the patrol. Something went wrong and one cat bit to hard and blood began to pour from his neck and chest. By the time the other warrior brought him back to camp, Bearsnap was practically dead. He only lived long enough to tell Larkfrost to never give up on her goal and their last kit. That had sparked something in Larkfrost. She knew she had to respect his wishes and become the deputy that she and him envisioned. 
Larkfrost cheered loudest when Tigerpaw became Tigerstrike. It was odd to call out so loudly, but in light of the past events, she couldn't bare the thought of not cheering so loud. She wanted her son to know how proud she was, even if her serious facade didn't show it. Her father, along with the elders she grew up with as a kit, eventually died of old age. It hurt larkfrost, but she at least knew they'd be young and spry in Starclan. Focussing on her goal, she continued to give it her all, bringing back the most prey, becoming great friends with the leader and deputy at the time and building an even bigger trust among her clanmates. Some didn't like her for her cold analytical nature, but others saw her intelligence as a smart future lead.



|| Relationships ||

Check out her realtionships/plot tracker for all her relationships and plots!

The frosty lark by PenguinEatsCarrots
The frosty lark

|| Contact/roleplay info ||

Roleplaying Preferences:

Notes:   Definitely! Notes are the best way!
Skype:   Skype me at PenguineatsCarrots!
Comments:  Never.. unless its a forum style comment ^^'
Forum:  Never unless its in the comment style xD (sorry if that sounds really confusing)

Roleplay Example: [Roleplay with streakpie]

Ratpaw never even knew her name? He frowned. No kit should ever loose their mother, ever. This struck a nerve in Iceshadow's protective fluff. "I'm sorry.." Was all he could manage to mutter. "I bet.. I bet if you knew her.. you two would have been close," He tried to comfort, but doubted it would do any good.

He let out another sigh, seems he's been doing that a lot tonight. "Not as close as I would have liked.." He gazed off into the distant, his eyes looking at the dark, shadowy snow covered hills of Windclan, but yet, not looking. They just seemed to stare off into the distance. "I think I made her sad," Iceshadow remembered the day he saw his mother at the gathering, she had looked so sad and downcast.

"well," He started. "I was out patrolling with my father by the Riverclan border when I heard the noise of a cat fighting. I got concerned and went to go and help the cat. My father had refused at first.." He said the last part in a low cold voice. "I crossed the border only to see my mother-- barely landing hits on a savage fox." His eyes widened slightly at the memory. "So I ran to help her.. but her wounds were so deep.. and she had so many.." He trailed off for a moment.

"Then my father came and was attacked.. right in the throat.." He lifted his paw to his throat tentatively. "I couldn't save them both. I tried too; lashing out at the fox with all my might.. but alas it was no use." His eyes clouded. "I ran to my father and as he lay dying he whispered to me, 'You have potential'" His eyes narrowed.

"Then I looked to my mother.. she was gone. And the last thing I said to her was so cold and she was so sad." He breathed a deep breath before finishing his tale. "So, all I could do.. to even honor her memory, was to bring her back to her clan; her home. And tell them of how bravely she fought.. till her last breath.."

The frosty lark by PenguinEatsCarrots
The frosty lark

|| Larfrost's Relationship Tracker ||


Bullet; White No opinion || Bullet; WhiteBullet; White Aquaintance
Bullet; Green Friend || Bullet; GreenBullet; Green Close Friend || Bullet; GreenBullet; GreenBullet; Green Best Friend
Bullet; Blue Pities || Bullet; BlueBullet; Blue Wants to help

Bullet; Purple Blood Relative || Star! Family by choice

Bullet; Pink Small Crush || Bullet; PinkBullet; Pink Bigger Crush
Bullet; Red Love || Bullet; RedBullet; Red Mated with
Rose Attraction || RoseRose Lust
Heart || Mate

Bullet; Yellow Curious || Bullet; YellowBullet; Yellow Suspicious || :bulletyellow::bulletyellow::bulletyellow: Intimidated by 
Bullet; Orange Respects || Bullet; OrangeBullet; Orange Terrified of || :bulletorange::bulletorange::bulletorange: Apprentice / Mentor
Bullet; Black Hates || Bullet; BlackBullet; Black Wants Dead
Black Rose || Dead

Relations [ Name - ♀/ ♂ - roleplayed by :dev : ]

Eastern time 

Notes:   Definitely! Notes are the best way! Though fair warning I may take a while to respond.
Skype:   Skype me at PenguineatsCarrots!
Comments:  Never.. unless its a forum style comment ^^'
Forum:  Never unless its in the comment style xD (sorry if that sounds really confusing)

:bulletgreen: -
Finished rp
:bulletpurple: - In progress
:bulletred: - Not started
:bulletorange: - My turn
:bulletyellow: - Your turn

.: Relationships :.

| Family |

Black Rose | Bullet; Orange | Bullet; Purple | Bullet; Red  [ Buzzardbite ♂ ] - "My father was a great cat who taught me how to work for what I want. And work I did, Rest in peace father,"
Black Rose | Bullet; Orange | Bullet; Purple | Bullet; Red[ Ravenflight ♀ ] - "My mother taught me how to be tactful and mindful of my surroundings, and how to be a proper lady. She was a fantastic teacher and I will miss her dearly,"
Black Rose | Bullet; Orange | Bullet; OrangeBullet; OrangeBullet; Orange | :star: | :bulletred: | :bulletred::bulletred: | :heart: [ Bearsnap ♂ ] - "The only tom to truly make me smile.. I miss him so much. He was one of the only cats to understand me, to know how I feel, to understand my goal.. I hope he sees how much our kits have grown.. they look so much like him."
Black Rose | :bulletpurple: | :bulletred: [ Pinepaw ♂ ] - "My sweet sweet son.. it was far to soon for you to join Starclan.. you were so small.. please watch over your brother,"
:bulletpurple: | :bulletred: | :bulletorange: [ Tigerstrike 
♂ ] - "You look so much like your father.. You are as strong willed as him as well. You have grown into quite the warrior and maybe one day you'll take my place as deputy for this clan,"

Relations [ Name - ♀/ ♂ - :dev : ]

| Shadowclan |

:bulletorange: | :bulletyellow: | :bulletyellow::bulletyellow: [ Copperstar ♂ - candysprites ] "pending..."

:bulletorange::bulletorange::bulletorange: | :bulletgreen: | :bulletblue: [ Small-leap ♂ ] "You were such a scrawny easily frightened kit when you became my apprentice. I hope that I was able to teach you well and show you how to be a strong independent tom,"

| Windclan |

| Riverclan |

| Skyclan |

| Thunderclan |

| Non clan |

.: Plots and RPs :.



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Is there anyone I can commission to make my page pretty?? OTL I'm terrible with coding and all the such so if you know anyone who does fantastical pages and is willing to take a commission i've got a few hundred points to spare!


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Hello! I'm PenguinEatsCarrots! But you can call me Penguin, Peng or Shine ^^

My other accounts: - ask blog - main blog

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~All my lovely icons~
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this is my ask account :D :iconask-graystripex:

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Comision info!

Commissions: OPEN - Commission info here

Art trades: Ask me!

Collabs: Ask me!

Requests: NEVER. DON'T ASK. (i'll only do requests once in a blue moon and it'll be during a join me)



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